Explore even the most hidden nooks and crannies

Relying on experiential service providers is an excellent way to avoid missing even lesser-known corners of the Finale area.

In this part of the website, you can access information about guides and associations in the area. They will ensure that your stay will be filled with breathtaking discoveries.

Tourist Guides - Liguria Region

Officially licensed at the regional or national register, tour guides can help you to discover the area, taking you to the most remarkable places.

Tour Leaders - Liguria Region

They accompany individuals or groups on trips in the country or abroad, implement the programme prepared by the organizers, give full assistance to their groups, and provide significant tourist information outside the area of tourist, environmental, and hiking guides.

Environmental and hiking guides - Liguria Region

They are specialized guides who take individuals or groups to visit natural environments, and related museums, in order to show and explain the characteristics and evolution of the ecosystems of Liguria and in particular the regional protected areas, without prejudice to the competencies of tourist and Mountain guides.

Mountain guides - Liguria Region

Carry out the activities of taking people on both rock and ice climbs or mountain hikes, accompany them on ski mountaineering climbs or ski tours, teach mountaineering and ski mountaineering techniques, excluding those of downhill and cross-country skiing.