Does MTB Paradise exist?

Definitely yes! And it is called Finale Ligure! A network of trails with few rivals in the world, mild weather and year-round riding opportunities, views that all the bikers desire to see at least once in their lives, and the world’s top events, such as the Enduro World Series.

That’s why Finale with the Finale Outdoor Region has become one of the most desirable destinations in the international mountain biking panorama. A real paradise ready to welcome you for adventures!

Finale Ligure MTB

Discover the trails in the Finale area

The Finale Outdoor Region boasts over 200 mountain biking trails, spanning from beech and chestnut forests at 1,000 meters altitude to Mediterranean maquis with stunning sea views.
Many trails have been featured in the Enduro World Series stages held in Finale every year since 2013. And then there is the 24H of Finale circuit on the Manie plateau, an incredibly fun trail with unique views!

But this is just inception, many trails in Finale and the Finale Outdoor Region are yet to be discovered, from Caprazoppa to San Bernardino, from Melogno to Manie. Are you ready?

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Finale is the gateway to a landscape that attracts thousands of sports fans from all over the world each year. Interested in mountain biking, climbing, trekking, or water sports? Check out Finale Outdoor Base for all your needs. Enjoy your favourite sports safely while taking in the stunning beauty of the Finale area with experienced guides and respect for the territory. Outside the gates of Finalborgo, it is a fantastic location for thrilling sports activities and exploring enchanting historical sites, where nature reigns supreme.

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