Following in the footsteps of Count Gallesio

Walking along the Aquila valley, you come across noble properties with vegetable and fruit gardens surrounded by high walls (“chiozi”), that protected them from the wind and intruders, and you find the villas and agricultural holdings that once belonged to the  Gallesio  and  Sanguineti families.

Villa Gallesio

This agricultural holding and the landscape around the ancient properties have retained their original appearance. On the upper slope, there are the two stately homes: Villa Gallesio, located more to the south, with a sober facade frescoed with a large family crest. The Sanguineti house features a rich 19th-century neo-Gothic decoration with figures of warriors, knights, and dames painted on the facade, on each side of the family crest.

Pathways, defined by arbors that departed from the bottom of the valley, led to the dwellings, located in the upper part of the estate. In the portico that was built in 1870 by the Sanguineti, the Finale Stone lunette with St. George and the Dragon was inserted. It was originally located in the chapel dedicated to the saint in Castel Gavone and dated 1461.

How to reach the location

The Villa is private property and currently belongs to the Mangiante family. It can be reached by taking valley road along Aquila, continuing beyond Finalborgo.