Varigotti and Punta Crena beaches

Varigotti Beach is a popular destination for those who want to relax in a beautiful natural settingand for VIPs, seeking perfect buen retiro . The beach has both equipped and free areas, with a mix of sand and small pebbles.
The stunning views of the cliffside villages and crystal clear sea make it an excellent spot for photographers and writers.
Although the water is deep, access to the sea is safe and easy.

There is a small and secluded beach hidden among the cliffs below Punta Crena promontory. It is not well-known and is mainly frequented by nudists seeking privacy. Access to this beach is only possible through nautical means such as canoe, sup, boat, or jet ski, or by taking a challenging path from the Saracen Tower at Punta Crena that involves ropes and rocks. This path is recommended for experienced hikers.