Archeobike sulle tracce degli antichi romani

Archeobike. Roman Bridges tour

Can you visit a museum by bike?

In Finale Ligure, the answer can only be yes!

The wide range of trails MTB riders can take also passes through sites of historical interest. Are you interested in Prehistory, the mysteries of early humans, their way of life, and rituals? Then there is nothing better than the “Ciappi Tour”.

An easy itinerary, suitable for everyone, leads to San Bernardino to discover the  Ciappo dei Ceci  and  Ciappo delle Conche.

What are the “Ciappi”? These are huge rocks where the early settlers of the Finale area (some historians refer to the Iron Age), engraved signs, dug cupels and small canals. What were they for? Probably the aim was to collect rainwater and drain it into small troughs for the beasts or propitiatory rites.


If you are interested in history from a later period, you might enjoy taking an MTB tour along the  Roman Bridges. These five bridges can still be crossed along the ancient Via Iulia Augusta dating back to 13-12 B.C. This route was used to connect Cisalpine Gaul with Transalpine Gaul.

Riding through history for a discovery experience!

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