Climb avventura

Climb adventure: climbing as an adventure

For those who want to get closer to the world of climbing and at the same time experience something a little out of the box, there is the “climb adventure”: climbing as an adventure.

Explore the numerous caves scattered throughout the Finale inland area with expert guides. Live these “adventure itineraries” firsthand: climbing, hiking, caving, abseiling… all in one outing.

The difficulty is moderate, which is what makes a climbing adventure an appropriate experience even for families and climbing “newbies”; and the beauty and uniqueness of nature will fascinate everyone!

Don’t worry about abseiling, zip lines, or climbing, the itinerary will be carefully adapted to fit your preparation and skill level.

The equipment is fully provided by the guides: all you have to do is show up in comfortable clothing and lightweight hiking shoes, bringing with you a strong desire for adventure!