Arrampicata indoor

Indoor climbing

Orco Wall,  Skàndere,  Cain,  Muro del pianto,  Finale for Nepal,  Dal ponte…

The names on the map may resemble symbols and creatures from a mysterious initiation novel, but they are actually panels and sockets with historical value. They’re used in  an indoor climbing gym  indoor located in the Finale hinterland, which is a popular destination for people of all ages, backgrounds, and ambitions from around the world.

The gym is about 600 meters  square and welcomesclimbers of all levels. It’s open all year round, except August, so you can climb indoors even on rainy days.

This activity caters to both adults and children,with a specially designated area for the little ones . It is also accessible to people with disabilities. We have classes for children and adults, as well as personalised sessions for individuals or groups. Our instructors are available by reservation. Personal equipment is not necessary, as it can be rented.