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Explore ten stunning halls, each with unique architecture and rich history and admire the impressive views that can be enjoyed from some of them.

The hall dedicated to the geography of Finale highlights the exceptional territory with its special naturalistic, environmental, historical, and archaeological importance; to the halls covering the entire period of time from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Throughout the Paleolithic era, early humans encountered various species of their ancestors, including Homo Heidelbergensis, Neanderthal Man, and the remarkable “Giovane Principe” (“Prince of the Arene Candide) – our closest relative. The discovery of the “Prince” of the Arene Candide Cave in Finale in 1942 serves as a testament to our species’ incredible evolution and progression over time.

This led up to the Neolithic, the era of the “revolution” that developed in Liguria from about 5,800 to 3,600 B.C., in which man began to “control” natural resources until the Metal Age, which marks the appearance of more complex social organizations with actual hierarchical structures.

The evolutionary journey of humankind in the Finale area passes through the Roman conquest of western Liguria, the spread of Christianity in northern Italy and the importance of Finale in Byzantine Liguriabetween the middle of the 6th and 7th centuries, when the territory was controlled by the fortress of S. Antonino di Perti and the harbour of Varigotti was the main connection with the Mediterranean world.

The itinerary ends with archaeological evidence of the Middle Ages in Finale, characterized by the feudal domination of the Marquises Del Carretto that lasted from the 12th century to 1602.

The last hall is dedicated to the history of coins (numismatics), an expression of the increasing social complexity that has characterized the evolution of humankind from Antiquity to the present day, marking the transition from barter-based exchange of goods to a market economy.

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