The S.I.C. is a network with high biodiversity level. In the province of Savona, 28 terrestrial and 7 marina SCIs have been identified.

Due to its variety of environments and extremely high biodiversity, the Site of Community Importance (S.I.C.) Finalese-Capo Noli is one of the most important regional S.I.C.s, covering around 28 square kilometres.

The primary rock formations in the area are comprised of limestone, notably the “Pietra di Finale” (Finale Stone) – a beautiful pinkish-white limestone that is abundant in fossils, as well as the Dolomie di S. Pietro ai Monti and Calcari di Val Tanarello. Over time, the erosive force of water has created many significant cavities within these formations, making them of great interest to speleologists.

The formation of karstification has resulted in unique landscape features, including plateaus situated approximately 300 meters above sea level, which are carved by deep valleys and numerous sinkholes. The coastline is largely rocky and elevated but also features sandy bays.

The coastline has both “live” and “dead” cliffs and fossilized beaches with limestone beach rocks. There are also marine terraces that show ancient shorelines, and caves like the Grotta dei Falsari formed by fresh water but shaped by the sea.

This area’s rocky environments and plant communities have led to a thriving fauna population. Notable species include the peregrine falcon, ocellated lizard, geotriton, and various types of bats.

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Province of Savona, Municipalities involved:

Borgio Vezzi, Calice Ligure, Finale Ligure, Noli, Orco Feglino, Vezzi Portio.