giornata in barca a vela liguria

Aperitif on a sailing boat

The afternoon is giving way to the warm shadows of the coming evening. Take a sailboat to the Finale Ligure Marina  for an experience to remember, an aperitif lulled by the waves of the sea, admiring fascinating places, rich in history and charm. Set sails for a short but impressive journey to admire the colorful Saracen hamlet Varigotti, Punta Crena, the stunning beach at the foothills of the promontory, reachable only from the sea, the beautiful Baia dei Saraceni, the Malpaso beach, the rocks plunging into the Ligurian Sea at Capo Noli with its stone Lion that seems to be looking at its distant Africa…

A few more minutes and the Gulf of Noli is in sight, with Castel Ursino overlooking the hamlet of the ancient Maritime Republic. Sails trimmed, the last dive before reboarding for the summer’s ritual: the sunset aperitif in the middle of the sea, when the shimmering water begins to mingle with the first stars shining in the sky. Immersed in the blue, lulled by the waves, you will enjoy moments that will remain in your heart for a lifetime.