Silent walking nella natura

Silent walking in nature

Walk but also have fun, exercise and enjoy the landscapes around you. The silent walking  is a true wellness workshop that uses trekking in all its forms (with the accompaniment of music) along routes with natural, artistic, historical, and cultural treasures.
The dynamic walking in groups  on average routes of 5/6 km, with a training time of approximately an hour and a half (kcalories burned: approximately 500/600) enhanced by dynamic fitness exercises.

Join the group and participate in this sport and discovery experience that will take you to the Sentiero del Pellegrino, and Passeggiata Dantesca, on the Caprazzoppa, to the Rocca di Perti, the Grotta del Villaggio delle Anime, the Grotta Strapatente passing through the magical forest, where white cliffs suddenly appear in the darkness of the bush, on the Sentiero Fossati, at the Pescherun delle Terme… and other iconic places in the Finale area!